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Locanda dei Pescatori del Trasimeno
On the shore of Lake Trasimeno, at Sant’Arcangelo, you can enjoy a delightful culinary experience at the Locanda dei Pescatori, a new and unique restaurant open all year for lunch and dinner. The menu offers lake fish and other fine locally grown food. It’s not for nothing that our motto is  Caught, cooked and eaten! .
Fishing tourism
A professional fisherman will welcome you aboard his boat for a fishing excursion you’ll long remember! Hear the fascinating stories and legends of Lake Trasimeno and learn all about the ages-old fishing techniques. Enjoy the thrill of sailing to the horizon of the lake, throwing out the nets and catching some fish. You can even disembark at the nature oasis of Isola  Polvese to enjoy its beauty. Once the fish have been caught, it’s back to
the cooperative to unload the catch The entire trip takes about 3 hours.  Reservations are a must, the weather must be good, 8 people can take  part and the cost is 140 euro per boat.
APERIpesca. A fisherman will accompany you for an excursion on the lake to enjoy the sunset as you enjoy a drink with delicious fish-based aperitifs and other delicacies made by the Cooperative. Duration: 45 minutes.
Reservations obligatory / Outings depend on good weather / Minimum  10 people / 13 euro per person
Info and reservations:   Locanda dei Pescatori – Via Martiri di Cefalonia, 37 Sant’Arcangelo  +39 075 5451067
Punto Vendita San Feliciano (PG) Via Lungolago Alicata, 19
 +39 075 8476005
Punto Vendita Sant’Arcangelo (PG) Via Martiri di Cefalonia, 37
+39 075 848136


Via Lungolago Alicata, 19 - San Feliciano sul Trasimeno
Via Lungolago Alicata, 19 - San Feliciano sul Trasimeno

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Via Lungolago Alicata, 19 - San Feliciano sul Trasimeno

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