Exhibition entitled "Unika,  arte senza confini", Castiglione del Lago

Exhibition entitled "Unika, arte senza confini", Castiglione del Lago

from 16/06 to 16/10/2024
Castiglione del Lago (PG)  -  Palazzo della Corgna

Exhibition entitled “Unika. artisti della Val Gardena”.

👉 This exhibition features twenty-nine artists from Val Gardena. Wood and sculpture are the dominant medium, but not the only. There is a wide variety of creative styles done with great expertise by the highly trained artists.

💡 🖼️ The exhibition enjoys the patronage of both the city of Castiglione del Lago and Val Gardena and was put together by the Cooperativa Lagodarte together with the UNIKA association of Ortisei, which for the past thirty years has promoted the traditional and contemporary artistic traditions of Val Gardena. 🏫 The show takes over the rooms and halls of the Rocca, but, for the first time, also within the now-restored Tower of the Keep, leading the visitor along the covered walkway up to the top of the tower to admire the beauty of the lake’s magnificent surroundings. 

🤩 The show has been curated by Andrea Baffoni, a Castiglione-born art critic who now works at Unika in Val Gardena, as well as in other parts of Italy. 

👑 Featured artists:
Filip Piccolruaz, Matthias Sieff, Paolo Rossetto, Chelita Zuckermann, Ivo Piazza, Christian Stl, Werner Dejori, Gerald Moroder, Samuel Perathoner, Helene Demetz, Veronica Caterisano, Andreas Bauer, Valeria Stuflesser, Holzknecht Sigmund, Mussner Hubert, Thomas Comploi, Egon Digon, Matthaeus Kostner, Senoner Fabrizio, Armin Grunt, Lukas Mayr, Livio Comploi, Diego Deiana, Alfons Runggaldier, Roland Perathoner, Norbert Insam Da Trebe, Matthias Kostner, Stefan Perathoner, Lorenz Demetz