Local Products

Saffron from Città della Pieve

A magical plant graced with a beautiful lilac-mauve flower housing fire red stigmas that have the power to dye food and cloth a deep vibrant yellow. These days it is primarily used by restaurants all over the region to flavour many of their dishes. A consortium has been set up to safeguard, raise awareness and promote the local saffron industry and ensure the quality of this most remarkable local product. 

The Fagiolina of Trasimeno

Cultivated millenniums ago by both the Greeks and the Etruscans, this small and tasty, lentil-like bean of varied colour once again thrives in the ideal soil and climate of the lake. Used by gourmets and chefs alike when making traditional recipes or brand new dishes, in 2002 the Fagiolina del Trasimeno consortium was founded to safeguard production methods and guarantee the quality. In the year 2000, the fagiolina was adopted into the Slow Food movement.


Grapevines have been cultivated on the hills of Trasimeno since Etruscan times. They thrive in mild local climate, while the gentle slope of the hills ensures a perfect exposure to the sun’s rays.  Indigenous varieties such as the Grechetto, a white grape variety, grow here and result in wines of a strawyellow colour with green hues, and the rediscovered Gamay del Trasimeno of the Grenache family, a dark grape variety that gives wines of a more or less intense garnet colour.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of Lake Trasimeno’s oldest and most characteristic products. The expansive olive groves that drape the landscape around the lake are the source of a fine quality EVOO that has been certified and  guaranteed by the DOP Umbria seal, with the Colli del Trasimeno geographical distinction. The varietals most prevalent in the area are Dolce Agogia, Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo.

Trasimeno’s fish

Since antiquity, fish has been an important source of nutrition for the local population and beyond. Still today, professional fishermen, united through a cooperative, go out every day for the local catch. They fish regina carp, eel, tench, luccio, latterino and royal perch. The regina carp, delicious oven-baked, is the best known and most popular fish on local menus. Its roe is used to flavour soups and first courses. Don’t miss out on tegamaccio, a delicious local version of bouillabaisse.

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