The Park and its Islands

Oasi Naturalistica La Valle- San Savino - Magione
The Oasis is the very heart of nature conservation at Trasimeno. Its shallow water and extensive reeds make it the ideal resting and nesting grounds for tens of thousands of migrating birds every year. There are two nature trails and 4 observatories, a new 200
metre-long wooden walkway over the water and among the reeds (much of which is now open),  30 binoculars for visitors, a bird ringing station that is in function every Saturday morning, and a guest house with kitchen and 12 beds. For opening times and available services (nature walks, guided yours) please consult the website.
Info: +39 349 4041352 - 

Parco del lago Trasimeno
The largest of the Region of Umbria’s six regional parks, Trasimeno is also one of Europe’s most important wetlands areas thanks to the many botanical species, fauna and fish of great value that inhabit in and around it. The utter peace and quiet here and the pristine nature make it a wonderful place to come and discover. 

Aeroporto Eleuteri - Castiglione del Lago
Built and in use until the last century, the 100 hectare military airport named after the Umbrian aviator Leopoldo Eleuteri is now a pristine green area along the shoreline of Lake Trasimeno where many hiking and cycling trails begin. Temporary Eleuteri Scholastic Campus of the Roselli Rasetti Scholastic System, the Regional LIPU Centre, Equestrian Endurance competition and the Ultra-light Aircraft Meet.

Isola Maggiore
Under the jurisdiction of Tuoro sul Trasimeno, this is the lake’s only inhabited island. Even today it looks and feels like a 15th century fishing village. In 1211 St. Francis came to spend Lent here, and there is still a chapel that commemorates his landing after a hairraising crossing during a violent storm and the exact place where he touched land and kneeled in grateful prayer. One of the island’s great craftsmanship traditions is Irish-point lace-making, still done today by the women on their doorstops. The key landmarks to visit are the Lace Museum, the church of S. Michele Arcangelo, the Casa del Capitano and the church of S. Salvatore.
Info: Pro-loco Isola Maggiore: +39 3317394393

Isola Minore
Not much is known about the smallest of the islands. Called isoletta in the early 1900s, today it is under the jurisdiction of Passignano sul Trasimeno, privately owned and uninhabited.

Isola Polvese
Its 70 hectares make it Lake Trasimeno’s largest island. It has been classified as a scientific-educational park devoted to environmental studies thanks to its expanse of wet zones with reeds that house a wide variety of birds and amphibians. It is also home to some historically important architectural structures such as the Church of San Secondo (12th century), the Monastero
dei Monaci Olivetani (15th century), the Church of San Giuliano (11th century) with a Roamn Opus reticolatum, a 15th century Castello di Difesa, and the Piscina Porcinai, also called the Garden of Aquatic Plants, named after the renowned architect Pietro Porcinai who ran the project in the early 1950s. The island even boasts accommodations: the grand Villa Biagiotti, today called the Villa Polvese Resort And Oil Farm, and the the Poggio, a farm and hostel. There is a digital infopoint with an accessible bathroom, and a Route Orientation Point where you can get information about the island and bilingual audio guides suitable for the disabled. 

What the territory offers

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