Musei a Panicale
Musei a Panicale


Museo del Tulle – Anita Belleschi  Grifoni
The skilful art of embroidery on tulle becomes Ars Panicalensis. Transparent, light and fluffy, like a veil, tulle is always fashionable, a chic accessory that manages to give a touch of elegance to clothing and accessories. From stories, legends and myths of the past, it seems that its name is due to the fact that the first artisanal tulle factories came about in the 18th century in the city of Tulle, in southwestern France. It  was made by weaving very thin threads, and its texture is hexagonal, not unlike a honeycomb.

The art of embroidery on tulle was practiced until 1872 in Panicale by the nuns of the Collegio delle Vergini and by their pupils, and then faded into the past. In the 1930s, however, in Panicale, Anita Belleschi Grifoni, convinced of the economic and social potential of this all-female activity, dusted off this once thriving tradition. She founded a school and created the Ars Panicalensis brand: among her clients there were such aristocratic  families as the House of Savoy and the Torlonia Princes.

Aside from the purely commercial aspect, the Grifoni school’s goal was to guarantee a certain level of economic independence and personal fulfillment to the local women through the production and marketing of their very own products.
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