Musei a Piegaro
Musei a Piegaro


The Glassworks Museum,  is a fine example of industrial
archaeology and tells the centuries-long story of
glassmaking at Piegaro from the Middle Ages to the 20th
century. The various phases of glassmaking and the
machinery used are on exhibit demonstrating the evolution
of the craft over the course of history and the items made
by the Piegaresi glassmakers.
Via Garibaldi, 20 – Historical centre
Info: +39 0758358525 - +39 3669576262
Museo Paleontologico Luigi Boldrini-  Pietrafitta - 
Temporarily closed
The Luigi Boldrini Palaeontology Museum , was built when in the early 1900s in the Pietrafitta basin extensive deposits of lignite were discovered. Imposing machinery attesting to the excavation remain in place and a modern museum was built to house the remains of a large variety of the fascinating fossils dating to the Early Pleistocene found during excavation: from mammoths to rhinoceroses, cows and deer, even micro-mammals.
Info: +39 075 57596  


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