25. Tra Fersinone e Nestore, lac Trasimène, Ombrie

The crystal-clear waters of the Fersinone stream, which springs from Mount Terracone (Frattaguida) at an altitude of just over 700 m. above sea-level, pass through unspoilt areas inaccessible even on foot, then flow into those of the Nestore stream in the immediate vicinity of the town of Marsciano. The loop you are going to tackle today explores the hydrographic basins of the two streams it is named after, taking Mercatello once again as its starting point, and will prove to you once again the incomparable loveliness of this area.

Start off in the direction of Compignano and once at the junction, where it is possible to visit an ancient brick-making furnace dating back to 1700 and now completely restored, leave the tarmacked road and ride in the direction of Monte Lagello. First descend towards the Rigo stream and then, on charming country roads that touch upon woods and fields of harvested wheat, up towards Migliano, where you really must take a break to admire the wide panoramic views. Leaving the village behind you, at the junction take one of the route’s steepest, trickiest and uneven descents you can imagine, as well as the only way down to the wild, narrow Fersinone valley.

After turning left, start what is the most adventurous and thrilling part of the itinerary with its variants, ups and downs and changes in types of trees, fording the stream from five to seven times according to the route you choose, until you finally leave the stream behind you. Take the bridle path that climbs to Poggio Aquilone, a small medieval village, in the township of San Venanzo, that dates back to the 13th century. Leave the village along a series of forest tracks that pass through Greppo Morello Alto and Fosso Palombara towards the fertile valley of the Nestore stream, into which not far from here flow the waters of the Fersinone that we have already crossed several times.

Ride over several white roads and minor tracks of the area of San Fortunato until you approach the Nestore. Get back on tarmac and reach the small Morcella village and then Cerqueto following the directions for Perugia on the Marscianese road. Turn onto and follow a gentle ridge road that leads to Compignano and after riding through the village descend once again towards the Nestore, ending the itinerary on the last uphill stretch that leads to the Fornace locality and then back down to Mercatello along the narrow valley of the Rigo stream.

  • Point de départ: Mercatello (Bureau de poste)
  • Temps employé: 03:20 h
  • Ressaut: 940 m
  • Longueur: 45.00 km

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