28. Torale - Vernazzano - Cima di Tuoro - Pischiello, Trasimenomeer, Umbrië

We set out from the cemetery of Torale (296 m), which is set in an olive grove, and enjoy a leisurely climb to a tiny hamlet that is now the site of a holiday farm (334 m). On this itinerary we cross through one of the finest areas for the production of high-quality Trasimeno olive oil. We can observe two different olive-growing techniques: uphill we can admire the classic “vase-shaped” pruning typical of these hills, whereas further down – and we will see this towards the end of our itinerary – we can see the arrangement and pruning typical of intensive olive-growing.

We continue to climb, taking several different tracks, until we come to the cemetery of Vernazzano (elevation 437 m). From here, we head right and take the wide road that goes up towards Le Tassinaie. Along this stretch of the road, we pass a horse farm on the left and, on the right, an interesting building that houses a museum of rural culture. After Le Tassinaie, we head to the left and go into a tall forest, following a gully until we come to a very sunny natural terrace that has a charming farmhouse with a rectangular plan. We continue on this hilly route – paying attention to the signs – until we come to the first houses of Cima di Tuoro or Gosparini. We are beneath Monte Castiglione (802 m), one of the most important mountains of this hill country.

We continue our trek, reaching the maximum elevation of this itinerary – 704 m – and then continue straight ahead, taking the road that descends into the woods. The trees soon give way to another panoramic terrace, where we find a particularly well-finished renovation of an old farmhouse (Casa Vaglie). We continue through low scrub until we come to the road that comes from Monte Castiglione.

We proceed to the right and come to pastureland with extensive heather: with its views of Lake Trasimeno and the hills around Umbertide, this area is highly picturesque. We then come to Casa Renaglia (596 m), where horses graze. This structure is characterized by the enormous outcropping on which it was built.
From here we head down to Villa del Pischiello, crossing stretches of woods with holm oaks, arbutuses, rockroses, Spanish broom and downy oaks, followed by ancient olive groves with lovely views of the lake. We come to the villa’s monumental cypress-lined avenue and follow it downhill, turning right onto the narrow road that brings us back to the cemetery of Torale.


  • Vertrekpunt Torale
  • Duur: 03:15 h
  • Lengte: 13.14 km
  • Moeilijkheidsgraad Gemiddeld

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