11. I sette Monti

The route begins at the junction from Magione to Monte Melino-Montesperello. Head uphill towards Magione and continue towards the small panoramic village of Montecolognola; take the downhill road to Monte del Lago and turn left on a bridleway track, through olive groves, with scenic views of the lake, leading to the area of Montalcino. Cross a beautiful area of countryside that dips towards San Savino and, in particular, the Oasi Naturalistica della Valle wildlife sanctuary, run by Legambiente, where you can observe the variety of the lake ecosystem. Head along the tarmac for a stretch and then take the bridleway track on the right, which is part of the Trasimeno cycle path, along the lake shore. At the junction for Mugnano ascend on a shallow climb towards Monte Buono. After the hilly stretch the tarmac turns into a bridleway track on the left, that passes a characteristic cypress-lined avenue to the little church of Monte Buono, followed by a scenic unsurfaced road through oak woods and arbutus bushes.

The terrain here is rather varied, with a few more demanding stretches and the end part particularly stony and uneven. At the top of the climb proceed along the scenic ridge, heading north-east towards the wooded summit of Mt. Penna, after which you dip for a short stretch and turn sharp right as soon as you’re out of the wood, re-entering the wood shortly after and heading downhill on a fun track up to the bridle path to Montesperello. Pass the cemetery and the route, which at times is engulfed by the thick vegetation, is pleasant and rideable, despite the fact that, in certain points, it is just about half a metre wide. Looking out for the right turnings, after a tall oak-tree wood, you come to Montemelino, where you can’t miss the Shrine of the Madonna di Lourdes.

Take the road in the wood descending to Vallupina, which joins the tarmac road leading back, over a short distance, to Magione.

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