12. Le colline di Monte Malbe

The start point is Pian di Massiano di Perugia, where there are a large number of sports facilities, from where you climb up on tarmac towards Città della Domenica (an environmental theme park for children of over 40 hectares on Monte Pulito), heading towards the Capuchin convent of Monte Malbe, a veritable green lung for Perugia, and Corciano with its rolling hills covered by vast holm oak forests, passing near Villa di Monte Malbe and then through the ancient chestnut wood up to the convent.

Proceed by grassy meadows, isolated oak trees and maquis shrubs, with a view eastwards over to the nearby massif of Mt. Tezio and, northwards in the distance, the unmistakeable profile of Mt. Acuto, up to the Pod.re Madonna di Campore, subsequently descending, in woodland, to the following junction with the bridleway track coming up from Capocavallo. Climb up to Campore di Sopra negotiating the last stretch constantly uphill. Continue always making sure to take the right turning, often in the shade of mixed deciduous forests, with a predominance of yoke elms, flowering ashes and small downy oaks. Proceed with a certain degree of caution along the last stretch, which is very stony, after which you descend down to the valley floor and cross the Oscano stream towards Cenerente.

Through the small village and having completed the last short ascent, you leave the main road, which continues to San Marco – Perugia, and turn on the right following the sign for Strada S. Lucia-Canetola, descending towards Pian di Massiano.

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