13. Ponte Felcino - Colle Sciana

The route starts at the “Didactic wood” of Ponte Felcino, just a few metres from the Tiber river. Take the road in the direction of Perugia – Ponte Rio and then turn right on the road that steeply climbs up towards Poggio Pelliccione, a rather demanding road without hairpin bends. At the top of the climb, the road narrows into a bridle path. By keeping to the left, after arriving in Montebagnolo, take a slight uphill road towards Montelaguardia.

Following the indications for San Marino, change road along a route that becomes progressively more open and panoramic, until you turn onto a white road that descends towards Castello di Montenero and Colle Sciana. Proceed until you leave the main road for a rocky and rather uneven cart path that descends steeply towards the valley. Reach the junction with the tarmac road for Ponte Pattoli that is speedily reached. Beyond the bridge over the Tiber, take the pleasant country road towards Ramazzano that crosses through the fertile farmland often cultivated with tobacco crops. A turn-off leads you to face the Ventia stream and then proceed towards Podere degli Oddi, re-approaching the Tiber. Follow the Tiber all the way to Passo dell’Acqua-Villa Simonetti, where a footbridge allows you to reach the other side of the river.

Ride through Villa Pitignano and then descend onto the cycling-foot path that first runs parallel to an artificial canal and then approaches the embankment of the river. Enter the Ponte Felcino Didactic Wood, a sort of forest-nursery consisting of a wide variety of tree and bush species, planted in the early 90’s initially for educational purposes and then turned into a constant point of reference for the large population of this area in the province of Perugia. The itinerary ends at the Youth Hostel.

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