14. Lungo il Fiume Tevere

The large wooden bridge that crosses the Tiber at Ponte San Giovanni marks the starting-point of this route. Start off in the direction of Torgiano by riding through the village of Ferriera and then take the road that, after a few sharp bends, takes you along the ridge of the hill leading to Brufa. Once past the hills, take the bridle path to the left that runs along the edge of a wood of broad-leafed trees until you reach the farmhouse known as Forabosco, which now hosts a municipal agency that assists people with motor disabilities (A.U.R.A.P.). Keeping always to the left, arrive at the ancient village of Collestrada.

Take the road for Sant’Egidio and, over ancient country paths, skirt the village and descend towards the Tiber until you reach Lidarno. Descend further towards the main road and then take the direction for Ripa and soon after turn left and climb up towards the ridge that leads to Montescosso. Once again descend towards Bosco and ride in the direction of Ponte Felcino. Before reaching the bridge over the Tiber, turn left to take the nature trail of the Parco Fluviale park.

This is a beautiful 10 km long itinerary that runs entirely in the shadow of very high poplars, willows and black alders, connecting Ponte Felcino with Ponte San Giovanni via Ponte Valleceppi. At first the route runs through a pine wood recently fitted with an adventure trail with cables, ropes and suspended platforms called Il Barone Rampante, and then reaches Ponte Valleceppi. The last stretch before returning to the starting point, about 7 km away, is mainly on a track along the wildest and most picturesque portion of the riverside route.

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