14. Migliano - Fersinone - Fibbino

From the hamlet of Migliano, we reach the summit with the castle, a natural panoramic terrace overlooking the Fersinone valley. We set out from the parking area and take the unpaved road that descends rapidly through an olive grove and woods, bringing us to a four-way intersection. From here, a well-marked trail descends to the narrow valley of the Fersinone, winding its way across the hillside, with outcroppings amidst wooded glades and meadows dotted with Spanish broom, junipers, rockroses, downy oaks and holm oaks. Along the way, we can hear the gurgling waters of the torrent below us and can glimpse the spectacular rocky spurs.

We cross the torrent and enter into tall woods of white hornbeams and Douglas firs. During the autumn and winter, the Fersinone can be quite difficult to ford. Therefore, it is advisable not to take this walk during very rainy seasons. A short walk along a track not far from the torrent, going close to the ruins of an old mill, brings us to another ford across the Fersinone. Beyond the torrent we come to a steep climb, going through a beautiful mixed forest and then a pine forest that leads us to a stone farmhouse (Vocabolo Sorbello). After going through stretches of pine forest alternated with woods of downy oaks, we come to a point that opens out onto the typical landscape of the hillside of Monte Peglia.

Again bearing right, we walk across the hillside above the pine wood of the state-owned forest of Fibbino, the site of a trekking shelter, and after a series of ups and downs we come to a manor. Going straight ahead, we go past a small shrine and then head right at the first fork for Itinerary 10 and the road connecting Migliano and Fibbino. We take the road that, on the left, offers a view of the Nestore river valley between Tavernelle and Pietrafitta, which is ringed by hills. At a certain point, we leave the wide unpaved road to take a path through the woods but return to it after a short distance to head back to our starting point, enjoying stunning views of Perugia, the Tiber valley and the Apennines.
The last stretch of this avenue is an important venue for the Ruzzolone, the traditional game of rolling a wheel of cheese down the street.
The total length of the itinerary is 13.570 km

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