15. Il crinale di Montali

The route starts in Mugnano and follows the indications for Fontignano. Ride in the direction of Poggio Montorio and then turn onto the bridle path on the left that crosses over the Montali ditch. Keep straight along the farm track that runs through the fields, then ride through an oak wood and, after a fork, take to the left and up into the undergrowth of the intensely green woods of ilex and strawberry trees that gradually replace the oaks.

Ride along the hillside always halfway up, focusing on the various turn-offs that eventually lead to the bridle path of Casa Cerroni. Turn south in the direction of Fontignano that is reached after passing a few farmhouses and terraced olive groves. Ride through part of the village close to the Chiesa di San Leonardo church featuring a cylindrical bell tower. To climb towards Montali, standing on the ridge that separates the Mugnano plain from the Casalini plain, follow the road for Collicello until you reach the junction with the municipal road of Scopeto that gently rises towards Villa di Monte Solare, visible in the distance to the west after having taken a pleasant unsurfaced road. The summit is reached near the church and the ancient castle of Montali, the latter recently restored and soon to be used as a luxury residence.

Continue in the direction of the pretty ilex grove of Monte Marzolana that runs alongside the Strada Vicinale delle Vallicelle road until you reach a 4-way junction from where the route proceeds towards the forest track that crosses the south face of Monte Bellaveduta. Paying attention at several forks along the way, the itinerary reaches the road for Mugnano. From there you can end the itinerary or prolong it to visit the ancient town centre of Agello, famous for the vastness of the panoramic views from its castle towers.

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