17. Montarale - Greppolischieto

We set out from the park of Montarale, accessible via a panoramic road from Piegaro, which is the tallest peak around Lake Trasimeno (853 m). We take the wide road that goes through a seemingly flat area towards Montegiove and Montegabbione. After about 500 metres we bear left to take a marked track that heads into a partially wooded area with turkey oaks and downy oaks. Initially going downhill and then along a level route, we take a panoramic track with a lovely view of Città della Pieve and Montegabbione, and the mountains between Monte Amiata and Monte Peglia. Near Montegiove – where we can stop briefly, taking a short detour – we take the unpaved road heading towards Greppolischieto. The route, which is initially quite hilly, turns into a climb that bends sharply at the end. In addition to several lovely farmhouses, there is also a noteworthy dry-stone wall.

In Greppolischieto we can take in the beauty of the rippling valley between our vantage point and Montegiove. After visiting the village, from the other side of Montegiove we can enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Trasimeno. From here, we turn left and head towards the hilltop of Montarale. Following the signs, we cross stretches of woods that open up to increasingly broad vistas, finally reaching the cross of Montarale (851 m), which is worth a stop to admire the view of Lake Trasimeno. After walking 200 metres through the pine wood, we come to the parking area of the park, the starting point of our route.
The total length of the itinerary is 11.430 km.

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