2. Città della Pieve - Pobeto

The starting point for this itinerary is about 1 kilometre from the junction of Via Pievaiola, heading towards Monteleone d’Orvieto, at Vocabolo Casale Fargneto. The track, which is quite wide, goes through woods of tall turkey oaks and numerous chestnuts, a few hornbeams and undergrowth composed chiefly of heather. Following the signs, we walk alongside several gullies - some of which quite deep - that are lined with butcher’s broom and maple trees.

We cross one of the gullies and then after a few metres we cross it again to head uphill. We take the uphill track, avoiding the more clearly marked one on the right, and make several sharp turns through lush woods with a prevalence of turkey oaks. After skirting an afforested area we come to Casale Pobeto. From here, going between an olive grove and woods, we take the wide road that leads to a tumbledown rural structure. This small promontory offers a view of the hills facing Piegaro.

Returning to the woods, we then head down to the valley, which boasts numerous well-developed beeches at a much lower altitude than commonly seen in Central Italy (beeches generally thrive at elevations of over 800-1000 metres). This portion is followed by groves of turkey oaks that are stunning in the different seasons. After a rather steep climb, the path continues along a seemingly flat area to a pine forest at the top of a small promontory.

Going through rolling fields, we head back to the Strada Provinciale 71, crossing it and then taking a short stretch of the trail facing Monte Cetona. After going through fields and olive groves, we head right along a dirt road that leads back to the provincial road and then to the access road for Casale Fargneto, the starting point of our excursion.

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