20. Le colline a sud di Bettona

South of Perugia, between the valley of the Tiber river and that of the Chiascio-Topino, the landscape features gently sloping hills almost entirely covered in woods, mostly consisting of Mediterranean maquis ever-greens, that extend down the slopes almost as far as the plains beneath. Much of the proposed route explores these green areas, of inestimable scenic and environmental value. The starting point is near Bettona, in the hamlet of Passaggio. Start off in the direction of Bevagna and then turn right to climb towards Collemancio.

The top of the hill is reached not far from Collemancio, after crossing over a lovely ridge bordered with centuries-old oak trees, passing close to the archaeological area with the remains of the ancient Roman municipium of Urvinum Hortense (on the summit of the hill that overlooks the plain towards Assisi), where it is worth while to make a short detour. Then proceed along the wide and unsurfaced provincial road of Collemancio, that runs along the ridge amidst olive groves and Mediterranean shrub that extends as far as the eye can see. From Casa Bianchi descend to the Sambro stream, then quickly climb back up the other side. After paying attention to the various junctions and more or less demanding climbs and descents, take the cart track that comes up from Pomonte and then the white road that connects the small village of Cerquiglino with Bettona.

From here to the pass that separates the Deruta side of the hill from the Bettona side simply follow the main road that passes next to Casa Sorgnano until, at the end of the road, you reach the Cinque Querce road that connects Bettona with Deruta. From this point, take a very rough track that runs next to Casa Montiliano locality and arrives at the Sambro. Follow its course until you pass a small bridge and then easily return to the starting point.

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