3. Castel Rigone - Torre Fiume

The itinerary starts in the centre of Castel Rigone and its main square, going through the streets of this town to head towards the walls to the west. We go along the belvedere and descend towards Rigonella. From here, the track goes downhill, skirting meadows and scrub composed mainly of turkey oaks, downy oaks, junipers, arbutuses and Spanish broom. We come to the built-up area of Poggio and, keeping the village on our right, we head down until we reach the state road linking Castel Rigone and Lisciano Niccone. We cross the road and, following the signs, we continue along the narrow road that bounds the tree-lined side of the hill, separating it from the tilled land and pastures of Pian di Marte. We bear left and start to climb to Torre di Fiume (424 m a.s.l.), which we reach after a few bends in the road.

After a brief stop near the old tower, we take the track to the left, heading uphill into the woods of turkey oaks and hornbeams. Towards the summit, around the area of Torre Civitella we find pastureland that is broken up by numerous stretches of common broom, with thickets of heather and rockroses. We bear left on the wide unpaved road along the ridge and go through the village of Trecine, enjoying the breathtaking views of the lake and the hills around it. From here we take the paved road shaded by ancient pines, which brings us back to Castel Rigone, with a short alternate route, a dirt road going downhill in the area of Galluzzo.

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