5. Castelleone - Perugia Vecchia

We set out from Castelleone, an ancient fortified villane bordering with the district of Todi, and take the wide unpaved road towards Perugia Vecchia (650 m), the site of an extremely old settlement. We continue along a dirt road that cuts across the middle of the hillside, bringing us to Vocabolo Casa Bianconi and skirting the woods and groves composed chiefly of walnuts.

From here we take a forest trail that climbs suddenly and heads into the woods, characterized by holm oaks and pines, and take a track going downhill that continues through the woods.

We cross a gully and when we come to another one, we take the forest road that climbs sharply. Paying close attention to the signs, we continue along tracks that go through several heavily wooded areas until we come to the wide gravel road along the crest. At this point, we can take an interesting detour by turning right and continuing until we come to a junction, where there is a clearing with a monument commemorating a group of resistance fighters. Returning to our itinerary, we take a narrow road across the hillside that descends into lovely woods composed mainly of turkey oaks.

The walk through this area is charming. We cross a brook and take the path - barely marked - going uphill; after crossing a shrubby area, we come to a nice road.

Bearing left, we take a wide gravel road that curves into a semicircle to form a natural terrace over the middle Tiber valley, overlooking Deruta and Marsciano in particular. From this vantage point we can see the peaks of Monte Coscerno, Monte Peglia, Monte Cetona and Monte Arale, Perugia, and the Tiber valley, extending as far as the mountains of Gubbio. At the fork we go right and take the wide road leading back to Castelleone.

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