8. Colcelli - Camperi - Ventia - Molino di Galgata

The starting point for this itinerary is the area of Casella Ventia, near the Ventia torrent along the unpaved road linking Morleschio and Colcelli. We take the track towards Colcelli, walking through the verdant valley with the stream running below to our right. We climb towards the left, taking a delightful road that opens up to offer a lovely panorama.

Visible amidst the trees on the hilltop is the residence of Monte Folone (677 m) and our ascent continues to a point on the summit from which we can see the farmhouse of Podere Val di Casa off in the distance. The area is characterized by plateaus with meadows, annual crops and olive groves. The orography of the territory, which is virtually a tableland with few slopes, offers a sweeping view of the surroundings. Continuing our trek, we come to a paved road, where we turn right. We take this lovely and scenic road for several hundred metres; to the left there is a breathtaking view of Castiglione Aldobrando, which is off in the distance.

On the right, we get a new view of the winding roads and landscapes we have just crossed, with Perugia and its hills in the background. At the first fork, we turn right near an oak forest and head towards Camperi. Once we pass the farmhouses, we head downhill for a few metres and can enjoy a short rest in the shade of an age-old holm oak with an enormous boulder next to it. We then continue along the winding roads that go up and down the hills around the Ventia river valley, where we can see wooded areas, abandoned farmlands, and semi-natural meadows with dog roses, Spanish broom and brambles.

We pass the ruins of Casa Fontanelle and, on the left, there is a lovely view of the abbey of Vallingegno and the Apennines.
Crossing a meadow full of junipers, we continue down a rather steep road and after a little more than a kilometre – through countryside dotted with Spanish broom and dog roses – we come to a fork. At this point, we can take a detour from our circular route. Turning left, we head towards the bell tower of a little church visible in the distance. We pass poplar woods and, continuing downhill, we come to the church. Today the structure is completely overgrown with vegetation and is in very poor condition. We continue our steep descent to the bank of the Ventia, following the river for about 600 metres until we get to the intersection of two gullies, where the Galgata mill is located. Returning along the same route, we head downhill towards Colcelli to return to our starting point.

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