11. La Goga di Magione - Caligiana

The starting point for this itinerary is the junction for La Goga, which can be reached easily from Magione. We take an unpaved road through the cultivated fields in the valley and then turn right, crossing over the Fosso Formanuova. As we climb, we pass by old farmhouses, some of which have been converted into holiday farms. Before we enter into the mixed woods, we can enjoy lovely views of Colpiccione and Castel Rigone.

Crossing through age-old olive groves, we skirt abandoned farmhouses to reach the top of Monte Bitorno. From this scenic vantage point we can see the hills of Perugia, Città della Pieve and Magione, as well as Monte Penna, Montali, Monte Solare and Monte Arale. We go down the other side of the mountain towards Monte Tezio and Monte Acuto.

Along the way, we can recognize the trees typical of the woods in this area, such as downy oaks and turkey oaks, and the shrubs that form its underbrush. This route also offers sweeping vistas – with expanses of Spanish broom in May and June – and brings us to the old cemetery and the small medieval centre of Caligiana. From here we descend again towards the valley of the Formanuova torrent and then to La Goga, going through coppices in which we find downy oaks – the predominant species – as well as junipers, rockroses, Spanish broom and heather. We then come to wide unpaved roads along the valley floor, going past cultivated fields as well as typical old farmsteads.   The total length of the itinerary is 11.610 km.

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